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Posted in ◤ drugs ◢ by Charlotte WTF on November 11, 2009 can get a doctor’s letter to allow you to smoke up without prosecution from the Green Relief Clinic in SF!

The Economist – Drugs: Virtually Legal

#4 maria full of grace

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cotton reels from south africa

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take off your pants and jacket

mexican drug war lingo – ?DONDE ESTA MI CUERNO DE CHIVO?

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A brief on the Mexican drug war:

Since President Felipe Calderon declared a war on drugs in December 2006, reversing previous passive government stance – the death toll has long surpassed the 10,000 count.  A stunted civil society, chronic maldistribution of wealth, ingrained corruption and endemic political violence are all problems of this pobrecito country. There’s also Good ole Uncle Sam next door on top of it all. Who said Mexico was unfortunate enough to be so far from God and so near the United States? (Porifiro Diaz)

Next time you rail a good line, take a moment and reflect on how far and tortuously this sweet powder has travelled to be launched at high speed through your nasal passages. A Ben Frankie for your thoughts.

Since average words aren’t sufficient for the over-the-top violence of Mexico’s drug war, new ones have been invented.

Here’s a macabre guide, if you ever get tangled south-side.

Levanton: the kidnapping of one or more members of a rival gang, or other enemy. Unlike traditional kidnappings, the point is not ransom, but to torture and kill a foe. Victims of a multiple levanton may end up fusilados.

Fusilados: from the Spanish word for rifle, to be executed in the style of a firing squad, or with a shot to the head, known as a tiro de gracia. This occurred in an attack at a Ciudad Juarez drug-treatment clinic in early September.

Based on the word for “trunk,” a body dumped in the trunk of a car. This is a common method for disposing of victims of a drug hit. Often, the bodies are bound and gagged with packing tape or are encobijados, wrapped in blankets. Sometimes they are accompanied by a handwritten narcomensaje.

A scrawled drug message, often rambling or peppered with misspellings. Such missives are typically meant to threaten rival drug cartels or government security forces. Messages sometimes take the form of banners, known as narcomantas, and are hung from bridges or in other public places to demonstrate a gang’s audacity.

Plaza: Not the quaint public square you see in nearly every Mexican town, but rather any defined drug marketplace, such as a smuggling point. Much of the violence since December 2006, when President Felipe Calderon declared war on drug cartels, is due to fighting among gangs over coveted plazas, or turf, including street-level sales taking place in tienditas.

Tiendita: Any place where drugs are sold in small quantities on the street — a house, apartment building or even a little store. Tienditas, or “little stores,” play a big role in what Mexican officials say is a worrisome increase in domestic drug use and addiction in Mexico, which once served mainly as a pipeline to the United States with little local consumption.

Halcones: To guard strongholds, trafficking groups rely on a network of street-level informants — taxi drivers, fruit vendors, teen boys — known as halcones, or falcons. Halcones provide early warning of the arrival of federal police or soldiers that have been dispatched around Mexico as part of Calderon’s drug war.

Cuerno de chivo: “Goat horn,” nickname for the AK-47 assault rifle, a favorite of cartel gunmen. The name refers to the curved shape of the magazine. Hit men are increasingly making use of even more powerful weapons, including .50-caliber machine guns and 40-millimeter grenade launchers. Authorities also report a rise in the use of potent pistols, able to fire through body armor, that are known here as matapolicias, or cop killers.

Narco-(anything): It’s handy for headline writers and coiners of terms that narco combines with almost any noun.

captured marijuana greenhouse in the basement of a ranch in Tecate, Mexico

Colombian police seized 3.5 tons of cocaine in a container of vegetable grease bound for Mexico at Buenaventura, Colombia's main seaport.


A federal policeman stands guard during an operation at a nightclub in downtown Ciudad Juarez across the border from El Paso, Texas

More than 50 migrants were being kept in captivity by a kidnapping gang in order to extort their families in exchange for their freedom, according to Mexico's Army

WaouW!!! Just like in the movies!!

Shoes are used for smuggling ganja


best while tripping

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i want to work here!!!


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this just in: high > drunk

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Duh. But now some adults are willing to come forward to clearly state that LSD, ecstasy and cannabis are less dangerous than cigarettes and alcohol. We didn’t need a Ph fucking D to figure that one out, but seeing most people wasting space in this world are too dumb to put two and two together, let’s post it here. So here’s the said article stating the obvious, provided by Lizzie our contributor 🙂

High > Drunk Article from Belfast Telegraph

Highlights (if you are too lazy to read):

1. Ranking by ‘harm’ index, alcohol comes fifth after cocaine, heroin, barbituates and methadone.

2. Tobacco ranks ninth before LSD, cannabis and ecstacy.

3. David Nutt, chairman of Advisory Council on the misuse of drugs (aka British Gov’s chief drug advisor) repeated his claim that the risks of taking ecstasy are no worse than riding a horse.

Obama tabs, North Carolina
Your Black Market X Tablet Guide from Erowid

Listen to Bill Hicks on drugs and the meaning of life

Best comedian ever lived, rest in peace dude (’61-’94)

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