the poshlost high society

“bass is maternal and when it’s loud i feel safe”

Posted in ♬ music, noted, dnb + breakbeat by Charlotte WTF on April 10, 2010

Noisia dropped their full-length dutch ass album last week. It’s fucking DOPE, have been blasting it on repeat. Shit never gets tired. we’re having a hard time picking a favorite track.

Diplodocus has wicked energy, and mad funny too. what the hell is a diplodocus anyway?? Way to employ comic relief on the dance floor. Diiiiiiplodocuss?

Square Feet is one gnarly grimey motherfucker track. Makes us want to break out the nasty drumstep

Thursday, lovely track. This is probably what falling in love sounds like.

Didn’t mention Split The Atom, because why should we? Pretty obvious that the namesake of an album would be its centerpiece. But that is debatable because so many tracks on this album are just solid as fuck. Other tracks to check out: Alpha Centauri, Sun Hammer,  Fuck fuck fuck.. Noisia, we love it when you gangbang us with your bass. You always rip us a new one.

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