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dirtier than your moms chlamydia

Posted in ♬ music, noted by Charlotte WTF on April 29, 2010

Last year I was a homeless drug-addict preforming sexual favors just to get a small fix of coke. One day, I found a coin on the ground and tried to pick it up. The coin would not come off the sidewalk. It was then that I realized what I had done with my life. I was the coin and the sidewalk was gripping onto me. I figured that if i stopped wasting time on things like this coin, I could perform more sexual favors and score even more coke.

floating happily in space

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Chemical Brothers new (and seventh) album, and things get psychadelic, expansive and rumbling! According to the band, each of the album’s eight tracks will be accompanied by a short film, so we can’t wait for that 🙂

die antwoord playing first gig at coachella this saturday

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A trio of repping south africans dubbed Die Antwoord (Afrikaans for ‘the Answer’) has been taking the interwebs by storm and leaving a trail of idiots scratching their heads, asking Are they for Real?? Obviously not, you dumb fuck. they’re gimmicks, artistic personas like those employed by Sasha Baron Cohen. Still, they get our love just for the fantastically outrageous slice of pop zeitgeist it is. Their ‘autobiographical’ music video for Zef Side (Zef is the next level) introduces a stridently original and fully-formed personalities of MC Ninja, Yo-Landi and DJ Hi-Tek. In all probability this gang were art school drop outs, and currently hail from the Williamsburg equivalent of Capetown.


check out their ultra cool website here.

Notable tracks: Whatever Man, Wie Maak Die Jol Vol, My Best Friend, and Beat Boy

“bass is maternal and when it’s loud i feel safe”

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Noisia dropped their full-length dutch ass album last week. It’s fucking DOPE, have been blasting it on repeat. Shit never gets tired. we’re having a hard time picking a favorite track.

Diplodocus has wicked energy, and mad funny too. what the hell is a diplodocus anyway?? Way to employ comic relief on the dance floor. Diiiiiiplodocuss?

Square Feet is one gnarly grimey motherfucker track. Makes us want to break out the nasty drumstep

Thursday, lovely track. This is probably what falling in love sounds like.

Didn’t mention Split The Atom, because why should we? Pretty obvious that the namesake of an album would be its centerpiece. But that is debatable because so many tracks on this album are just solid as fuck. Other tracks to check out: Alpha Centauri, Sun Hammer,  Fuck fuck fuck.. Noisia, we love it when you gangbang us with your bass. You always rip us a new one.

the boys behind noisia

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Protected: 3/4 – Mobilee Showcase in secret Brooklyn warehouse

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take ye heed, every one of his neighbors

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Then too – a nasty thought which can worm its way into the happiest among us on our sunniest days, but it’s got to be faced – can you be wholly secure about your friends and loved ones? Strangers can cheat you, but only intimates can betray you. Leaf through your Bible in search of consolation and you might light upon these verses: “Trust ye not in a friend, put ye not confidence in a guide: keep the doors of thy mouth from her that lieth in thy bosom. For the son dishonoreth the father, the daughter riseth up against her mother, the daughter in law against her mother in law; a man’s enemies are the men of his own house.”

#7 monster maria full of grace

Posted in ◤ drugs ◢ by Charlotte WTF on April 2, 2010

on march 15, 2010, the police searched a sailboat docked at Vancouver Island, British Columbia to find 1001 kilograms of cocaine in 37 duffel bags. it has not been proven if the 39 year-old canadian and 38 year-old mexican have ties to any established groups. although the authorities went alittle too far to estimate its street value of this bust to hundreds of millions, our guess is 75 million – 100 million. (a kg of uncut should be 75 – 100 K, then multiply that by 1001).

but my friends, let us take a minute to reflect on what 1001 kg of blow means. Say one consumes a gram a day, for every day of the year = 365 grams out of the 1,001,000 g stash… it would last you more than 2700 years.

Name that sample, bitch!

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Sub Focus – Sound Guy (2008)

Xploding Plastix – Geigerteller (2009)

let’s play sample-spotting

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trainspotting – a game (or annoying habit, depending on your perspective) where one identifies the track that the dj is playing at the club


1: Oh no she didnt just throw down Church of Nonsense!

2: Yo meng, stop being such a trainspotter. Anja Schneider is the shizznit.

Similarly, sample-spotting is where one tries to identify a sample used/re-used in a track. Sampling is an art form that has spawned many musical genres and underlies a flurry of endless musical creativity. In our informational age, nothing is new. time is infinite but the universe is limited and contains a finite amount of matter. Fact.  the number of possible changes and reconfiguration in state is finite, and so sooner or later the same state will recur. the crux of creativity lies on the ability to process, reconfigure bits and bytes to manufacture variations of a theme. thats what djs do essentially. you’re absorbing these records, these linguistic units or whatever, and slowly you’re able to reconfigure them and to put them out as a stream of sentences, or a stream of mixes. through the turntable you’re taking these different codes and then using them to break through these sort of corporate structures that society really wants to put on you and then breaking them apart and letting people experience a transcendence in the mix. ok proselytizing time is over, let’s play name that sample!

Akai MPC500 (sampler and sequencer)

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