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the ableton–serato bridge is free

Posted in ╳ machine love ╳ by Charlotte WTF on February 7, 2010

– if you have both scratch (or itch) and live 8

the offspring of ableton and serato is shown off at NAMM ’10

yes it is awesome, but if you are already djing with ableton – there’s really no reason to use the bridge for serato maybe except for the waveform visuals. (what happened to good old fashioned beat matching, guys?) this is more for serato users who want to embellish their tracks with Live. and how about your laptop running two programs simultaneously with other plug-ins… now there’s cruising for a bruising.


we think its more important to focus on the task at hand rather than to submit oneself to the violent and delirious throes of gadget-worship. don’t get us wrong, we do not kid when we say, we LOVE machines. but we remember the dog is wagging the tail, and not the other way around…

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