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a vision of now

Posted in ❝ pearls of wisdom ❞ by Charlotte WTF on January 26, 2010

Here we are, my dears, the autumn of twenty-o-five.

And it’s very strange. The sultry summer lingers

Into October; the foliage that by now was always

Bright is drab and withered; and we are far

Too dry, except where the hurricanes rage and floods

Carry off our houses. Is this then our last

Autumn? The radio is insisting, “Log on, log on.”

And then the television is pleading, “Log on now.”

And signs and portents are everywhere, although

They are bewildering, because no one knows how

To interpret them. Persons of faith are tremulous

And unsure, while those of science apparently

Cannot read nature’s peculiar new vocabulary.

Each of us is proceeding at a different pace,

Stumbling or running, aimless or straight

To a distant remembered door. The spendthrifts

Sing Auld Lang Syne and tip up goblets of fine

European brandy. Others are creeping and

Wandering, weeping and wondering. For we are

The new refugees, going nowhere. We are this

Old and horrifying pitiful dream come true.

-Hayden Carruth, from “The Beginning of the End” published posthumously.

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