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i like you when you give me cookies

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once in a blue moon…

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…which happens when passing through a residential area, id wonder what it would be like to live in suburbia. to live in the cute boxes made out of ticky tacky, to own a landrover, a mid-sized dog and parents who retired from normal jobs. plus a husband and two kids on the horizon. but then id enter into the jungle, the hustle-bustle of  gotham’s dwellers, into the clubs filled with drugged up people seeking to escape the monotony of their lives …and i’d wonder how i ever thought i would want to give this up. haha fuck mediocrity, fuck 9 to 5 jobs and balls and chains, fuck malls, and all the crap of a package that comes with white bread.

this kid has a nice dad though. with too much time on his hands, but sweet nonetheless.

if serial data had never been invented…

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…this is how video would transmit images

Parallel Image Display

betty boop is a fitting choice

a day will come when man and machine are one

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How do you approach this thought? Fear? Excitement? Ambivalent curiosity?

Today I want to talk about technological singularity, about the possibility in the future of the union between human and machines. Let’s start with this premise; the analysis of the history of technology shows us that technological change is exponential. Just in our lifetime we have experienced how our lives have been advanced by the Internet, GPS systems and tools like smart phones that has everything we’ve been taught to need in a handy little handheld device. We no longer need to go to a library to look up a fact, just type it in the Iphone or Blackberry and poof – we have the answer. Sure, the downside is that less books are published and more physical libraries are looking to shut down but how about the upside? I can say that today’s youth is much more well-informed and have the capacity to be better educated with so much more resources at their fingertips. But back to the future; within a few decades, machine intelligence will surpass human intelligence leading us to the Singularity – where we merge biological and nonbiological intelligence. The gap between what we know and what we don’t know will become zero, and we will be able to transcend our biological limitations and amplify our creativity. YOWZA!

Plastikman – Ping Pong

Mind uploading is another hypothetical possibility that has been discussed since the 70s where the biological brain is uploaded into a computer system and regularly backed up just like a computer. The implications of this possibility is that we would be able to achieve immortality in the sense that if our physical body died, our brain stored in a back up system can be downloaded into the next body. My first reaction? I really hope this is invented in my lifetime. When I mention this to my friends at dinner there was not one that agreed it was a good idea, responses ranged from horrified, confused to sympathetic but “I’ll-rather-die-when-the-time-comes”. Women! No wonder we’ve been put down for centuries, no wonder Helen Keller can’t drive, no wonder pshhh

We do not have to accept the future under a false banner of liberty. Nor do we have to regard ourselves slaves to inevitable technological progress. Contemporary capitalist liberal democratic institutions prevail today, they are successful because they are grounded in assumptions about human nature that are far more realistic than those of their competitors. This doesn’t mean we’ve reached the End of History, or that we’re going to settle comfortably in this model until Earth is no long inhabitable. Maybe the Ubermensch and the Last Man is actually one and the same, the protagonist and the antithesis. Once we overcome our human condition (through tech singularity) achieving the Ubermensch status by helping humanity eradicate problems that will be regarded in the future as something so outdated like HEALTH, effectively becoming the Last Man “a weak-willed individual, one who is tired of life, takes no risks, seeks only comfort and security”. Maybe our future will be characterized by a soft tyranny where everyone is healthy and happy and has forgotten what it means to hope, fear and struggle. Who knows what will happen in a few decades? Can you imagine being alive for the next century, is it possible?

Plastikman – I don’t know

Who cares I’ve already lived part-way through this life, I’m ready for the next era.

If you have been mildly struck about this, whether to agree or disagree, you are welcome to shoot me your thoughts because id like to discuss this further:

in love…

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…possession is nothing, enjoyment is everything


the completed 16 today

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for Champions League

Group winners Group runners-up
FC Girondins de Bordeaux (FRA) FC Bayern München (GER)
Manchester United FC (ENG) PFC CSKA Moskva (RUS)
Real Madrid CF (ESP) AC Milan (ITA)
Chelsea FC (ENG) FC Porto (POR)
ACF Fiorentina (ITA) Olympique Lyonnais (FRA)
FC Barcelona (ESP) FC Internazionale Milano (ITA)
Sevilla FC (ESP) VfB Stuttgart (GER)
Arsenal FC (ENG) Olympiacos FC (GRE)
*First knockout round will take place Friday, December 18. Do we have time to get to Nevada Smiths after damn finals???

Transferring to Europa League

Juventus (ITA)
VfL Wolfsburg (GER)
Olympique de Marseille (FRA)
Club Atlético de Madrid (ESP)
Liverpool FC (ENG)
FC Rubin Kazan (RUS)
FC Unirea Urziceni (ROM)
R. Standard de Liège (BEL)

Poor Juventus and Marseille. But YEAH BORDEAUX! and Lyon!


Bordeaux finishes at the top of standings with 16 pts ahead of Fiorentina (15) and Chelsea (14).  Lyon, Real Madrid, Man U, Sevilla and Arsenal trailing at 13. Maccabi Haifa and Debrecen scored nil.

would you buy the lovechild of adidas and lucasfilms?

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Star Wars collection of shoes and apparel for spring/summer line

According to, the first season collection will be split into three packs:

  • Characters Pack: This pack takes the most iconic moments and characters from the Star Wars saga and brings them to life across five sneakers, two short sleeve T-shirts and the Superstar Track Top.
  • Vehicles Pack: For this pack, we have taken inspiration from the well known vehicles and crafts from the Star Wars saga and translated them to our five most iconic adidas Originals sneakers and two key adidas Originals apparel models. Across these models we have paid homage to the distinguished features of airborne crafts and land based vehicles from both sides of the Force and executed them to appeal to both adidas and Star Wars fans alike.
  • Direct Pack: Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers appear in this pack as well as in the Characters pack. Also, the Women’s Game Mid silhouette that appears here is inspired by Princess Leia, featuring gold detailing paired with a modern high-top silhouette with matching apparel

Is it just me or do these look less high-tech and more space ghetto? Um, these gold sneakers pictured above are supposedly inspired by Princess Leia. Yeah right, you mean Princess Leiqueefa. And the Darth Vader shoes? Super lame.

If I had to make a choice, these would be okay.

Star Wars line will hit select Adidas stores January 2010.

we’ll choke on our vomit and that will be the end

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dedicated to hicky, hoho, hizzie and harlot, to our brief happy h hours together.

Time to Pretend – MGMT

I’m feeling rough, I’m feeling raw, I’m in the prime of my life.
Let’s make some music, make some money, find some models for wives.
I’ll move to Paris, shoot some heroin, and fuck with the stars.
You man the island and the cocaine and the elegant cars.

This is our decision, to live fast and die young.
We’ve got the vision, now let’s have some fun.
Yeah, it’s overwhelming, but what else can we do.
Get jobs in offices, and wake up for the morning commute.

Forget about our mothers and our friends
We’re fated to pretend
To pretend
We’re fated to pretend
To pretend

I’ll miss the playgrounds and the animals and digging up worms
I’ll miss the comfort of my mother and the weight of the world
I’ll miss my sister, miss my father, miss my dog and my home
Yeah, I’ll miss the boredom and the freedom and the time spent alone.

There’s really nothing, nothing we can do
Love must be forgotten, life can always start up anew.
The models will have children, we’ll get a divorce
We’ll find some more models, everything must run it’s course.

We’ll choke on our vomit and that will be the end
We were fated to pretend
To pretend
We’re fated to pretend
To pretend

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

the splinter in your eyers

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Tenderness between people is nothing other than awareness of the possibility of relations without purpose, a solace still glimpsed by those embroiled in purposes…

you can’t rely on the old man’s money

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Hall and Oates – Rich Girl

don’t you know, don’t you know

that its wrong to take what he’s giving you

so far gone on your own

you can get along if you try to be strong

but you’ll never be strong

and don’t you know that a love can’t grow

cause there’s too much to give

and you’d rather live

for the thrill of it all