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everything continues, everything fuck it

Posted in ♬ music, noted, mnml + tech house by Charlotte WTF on December 28, 2009
liked the lyrics in this mix so googled them and found that
Dusty Kid samples a Ted Berrigan sonnet. feels exhilarating, discovering shit through research.
now i know im a real techno head geek.
essential mix so ignore pete tong’s annoying blather
Ted Berrigan – Memorial Day
Poison from the needle
floods my bloodstream
it detonates my head
it detonates my head
I should put that needle down
but tomorrow I’ll be dead.
The heart stops briefly when someone dies, one
massive slow stroke as someone passes
from your outside life to your inside,
& then
everything continues
After a few minutes, I took Martha home,
& then I walked home myself, across town,
through Tompkins Square Park, to Avenue D & 2nd Street.
I went to bed, & then I started to cry;
& I stayed in bed for three days,
& cried, & slept.
And now I’m crying a little again.
But then I got up,
I said”well, that’s enough, fuck it!”
america track starts around 1:33:00 – 1:50:00

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  1. greg said, on February 25, 2010 at 10:35 am

    FYI, the song is ‘Donnacha Costello – 6.6’

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