the poshlost high society

once in a blue moon…

Posted in ╳ machine love ╳ by Charlotte WTF on December 12, 2009

…which happens when passing through a residential area, id wonder what it would be like to live in suburbia. to live in the cute boxes made out of ticky tacky, to own a landrover, a mid-sized dog and parents who retired from normal jobs. plus a husband and two kids on the horizon. but then id enter into the jungle, the hustle-bustle of  gotham’s dwellers, into the clubs filled with drugged up people seeking to escape the monotony of their lives …and i’d wonder how i ever thought i would want to give this up. haha fuck mediocrity, fuck 9 to 5 jobs and balls and chains, fuck malls, and all the crap of a package that comes with white bread.

this kid has a nice dad though. with too much time on his hands, but sweet nonetheless.

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