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everything continues, everything fuck it

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liked the lyrics in this mix so googled them and found that
Dusty Kid samples a Ted Berrigan sonnet. feels exhilarating, discovering shit through research.
now i know im a real techno head geek.
essential mix so ignore pete tong’s annoying blather
Ted Berrigan – Memorial Day
Poison from the needle
floods my bloodstream
it detonates my head
it detonates my head
I should put that needle down
but tomorrow I’ll be dead.
The heart stops briefly when someone dies, one
massive slow stroke as someone passes
from your outside life to your inside,
& then
everything continues
After a few minutes, I took Martha home,
& then I walked home myself, across town,
through Tompkins Square Park, to Avenue D & 2nd Street.
I went to bed, & then I started to cry;
& I stayed in bed for three days,
& cried, & slept.
And now I’m crying a little again.
But then I got up,
I said”well, that’s enough, fuck it!”
america track starts around 1:33:00 – 1:50:00

merry christmas, bitches

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we hope you have thoroughly enjoyed sinning yourself this year, we know we have. but since it is the holidays, lets hope you are spending it with family, loved ones…the good people – and not wandering around drunk as a skunk and puking on my doorstep. well, i won’t be home so feel free.

Monthly Family Food Costs Around the World

Japan: $317.25

Italy: $260

Chad: $1.23

Kuwait: $221.45

North Carolina: $341.98

Mexico: $189.09

China: $155.06

Poland: $151 … that girl is juicy

Egypt: $68.53

Ecuador: $31.55

Mongolia: $40

England: $253

Bhutan: $5

Germany wins the lot…$500

Makes me miss my cook.

schools out

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i’m done with this shit for 2009.. WOOOOOOO fuck you alarm clock and fuck you smelly hipster in my class, i’ll never have to listen to you two again! this year

just kill me already

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deadlines ruin my life

♛ look out for dj danchik the vodka-chugging russian bear ♛

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The manliest of men, Danchik can outdrink/play you any day.

Danchik was born with a passion for dance music and vodka. Using fake ids, connections, bribes and whatever other methods he could, he would try to get into clubs since he was 15. There was something about watching people move to music and lose themselves in the beat and the basslines that captivated him. At age 17 his friends took him to a party called Buzz – a famous warehouse party that in a few years would be considered by many to be the number 1 US destination in EDM. Shortly afterwards, Danchik got behind a mixer and has never strayed far.

the young bull was born and raised in the soviet union

At age 20, he started started DJing at local underground parties in the outskirts of Washington DC. Word of mouth quickly made the party an overnight sensation, guests from hundreds of miles away would arrive to a run-down suburban restaurant. This ‘small’ party slowly grew into a strong promotional organization that throws everything under the sun, from live shows to outdoor raves catering to all kinds of audiences. A few years later, he was approached by the same party that inspired him – Buzz, to co-host an event. The collaboration was so successful that he was offered a Saturday residency at Ibiza Nightclub which hosts in excess of 3,000 people and is one of the biggest EDM parties in DC.

All of a sudden, Danchik was playing along side the people responsible for his obsession, such as Scott Henry and Charles Feelgood, and DJs/Producers that inspired him in the first place, like BT, D:Fuse, Darude, Donald Glaude, Global Deejays, Junkie XL, Yves Larock, and many more. Working with the assortment of world-renowned and local talent has raised his own performance to another level. His sets are pace-racing and full of surprises, ranging from deep house and minimal techno to tribal bodyshakers to fist-pumping progressive and electro anthems. His live performances during his set is to die for and expect him to continuously work on destroying a bottle of ketel one next to him; before, during and after performance.

Watch out for this crazy mofo! Listen to his bomb mix by following the ‘Excessive’ link. If you loved it as much as yours truly, give him your vote of drunken support for his bid at the Let’s Mix Competition.

Excessive from danchik at

marimba controlled by midi

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bumble bee style!

a deconstructed marimba is hooked on to two MD24 midi decoders, allowing it to be controlled by any midi sequencer or keyboard – (created by larry cotton)

this is lindy-hopping

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this is norway

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waouw real people!

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hospital employes from providence st vincents in portland, oregon makes a video promoting breast cancer awareness

the beats of san fran disco

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somebody introduced me to claude vonstroke two summers ago and that was how i got hooked on minimal techno

an hour long mix of the man behind the dirty bird 🙂 very juicy, very awesome

among many favorite parts, one of them starts @ 18:30

“nigger quit slowing this motherfucking ride down! nigger what’s wrong with you, fool?”