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Govorit Moskva . . .

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“So, we’re sitting in the studio. I don’t understand English, and he doesn’t know Russian. I ask the first question, about the missile defense system… and he responds with such a long, boring tirade… And, since there are cameras all around, I can’t signal him to cut it short, so I kick him under the table. He understands immediately, and wraps it up with one sentence. Ten minutes later, I ask him another question-slowly so that the translator has time-and i receive a return kick. Clinton’s kick landed on my shin, and I was limping for a month. He wore these nice sturdy shoes made from crocodile skin, but I was just wearing sandals-it was summer after all.”

Echo Moskvy editory in chief Alexei Venediktov on interviewing Bill Clinton

One of the last oppositional radio station left in Russia and often harrassed by these two fine gentlemen:

“Despite the size of its audience, the station cannot pretend to have much sway over Russian society, which is, in the main, deeply apolitical and immensely more supportive of Putin than it ever was of Yeltsin or Gorbachev. Masha Lipman calls this Putin-era phenomenon the country’s “non-participation pact”: the public agrees not to meddle in politics in exchange for the chance to take part in the consumer benefits of the Russian energy boom…People don’t believe they can make a difference, and they don’t give a damn. They don’t want to be engaged. This is a pillar of Putin’s power.”

Radio station:
Photo of A.A.V. by flickr/ilyadolgopolskiy2

#5 maria full of grace

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A Harvard-educated African Prince is currently crying in his cell for attempting to smuggle £163,000 worth of coke stuffed in hollowed out onions into Heathrow airport.

remember, good things happen to all who wait

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16 Bit Lolitas – Back to One

so relax and enjoy the ride

gonna buy me a fiddle

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Gogol Bordello – Bublitschki

everything is better in retrospect

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To happiness the same applies as to truth: one does not have it, but is in it. Indeed happiness is nothing other than being encompassed, an after-image of the original shelter within the mother. But for this reason no one who is happy can know that he is so. To see happiness, he would have to pass out of it: to be as if already born. He who says he is happy lies, and in invoking happiness, sins against it. He alone keeps faith who says: I was happy.

-Theodor Adorno

the wiij and other modified gadgets

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Why buildings and bridges trump oceans and mountains – because human thought, effort and creativity willed them to existence. Endless production and modification = innovative improvements

Wiijing – Apparently you can mod a wiimote so that it functions as a controller when you DJ. Cute gimmick but sensation wears off quickly

Gustavo Bravetti – Alternative Controllers @ Tribaltech 2009 (SC edition) from Gustavo Bravetti on Vimeo.

Korg Kaosilator – Smart college kid!

Laser Harp with wiimote – My favorite! Can you imagine incorporating this into a show?? 🙂 Modern day theremins

If you want to build a laser harp, visit this site – Stephen Hobley is the brain behind this bebe.

IN case you were wondering, this is a theremin. Invention by the Russian Leon Theremin in 1928, the gist is two antennas  (one for frequency, the other for amplitude) detect the location of your hands and sends electrical signal to amplifier. But check out the lady, what precision! Lovely

the number cruncher

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So let’s say marijuana is legalized and inevitably government levies a hefty commercial tax. Is it going to make home-growing pot illegal?

Can I go ahead and imagine rows and rows of cute houses and sunny garden plots with daisies, roses, and marijuana bushes…

О спортe / Sports Update

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The Last Romantic in Tennis
The year ends for Safin, officially retired 😦
симпатичная статья о маратике

Paris Masters:

Djokovic and Nadal waiting
Cilic/Monfils and Stepanek/Del Potro to battle

Barclays ATP World Tour Finals (22-29 Nov in London)

Qualified: Federer, Nadal, Murray, Djokovic, del Potro, Murray and Davydenko
One spot left

Updated 16/11

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World Cup Qualifiers Predictions for Saturday 14 Nov
Russia def Slovenia
France def Ireland
Portugal def Greece
Ukraine def Bosnia

Update – So I was right on 3 out of 4, and the one I was off turned out to be a draw.

Russia 2 – 1 Slovenia (Bilyaletdinov x 2, Pecnik)

France 1 – 0 Ireland – (Anelka)

Portugal 1 – 0 Greece – (Alves)

Ukraine 0 – 0 Bosnia

For $99…

Posted in ◤ drugs ◢ by Charlotte WTF on November 11, 2009 can get a doctor’s letter to allow you to smoke up without prosecution from the Green Relief Clinic in SF!

The Economist – Drugs: Virtually Legal