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un mauvais matin

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Pour des jours de mals comme ca, on pourrait ecouter cette vielle mais tres beau chanson par Isolee. Il est un DJ allemand; son vrai nom est Radjko Mueller. Ceci est un extrait de sa biographie d’un autre site Web (RA).

“He lived with his family in Algeria from the ages of 7 to 12 and went to a French primary school (and on the weekends to a beach called Bomo Plage) before returning to Frankfurt with his family in 1983.”

Aujourd’hui j’ecris en francais parce-que je voudrais, c’est ma droit de faire des fautes ici.

Isolee – Beau Mot Plage

Santorini, Grece (On peut rever n’est-ce pas?)

drink up, shoot up

Vous avez remarque l’originaire du nom Beau Mot Plage? Je le trouve tres sympa ❤

Ame – Rej

Une autre vielle chansonette 🙂

#1 maria full of grace

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Ricardo Villalobos – Dexter

this Chilean producer-cum-German resident-cum-fabric club resident dj has been called innovator, iconoclast, mover/shaker of the edm & idm world blah blah blah. he can play thump club music as well as austere soundscapes that tickle the brain. nico jaar’s source of inspiration. we’d like to see him at fabric one day.

Ricard Villalobos – Les Enfants (Gabry Ponty and Paki Remix)

my favorite remix of Les Enfant i’ve heard on youtube, po-moemu better than the original.

i get a pleasant seizure @1:52.

our statement – ab irato

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hello world,

we the hedonist nihilists –

against this self-satisfied vulgarity world of pop,

pop that caters to the lowest common denominator,

against the fucking corny trash and vulgar cliches,

the philistines in all their phases,

the imitations of imitations –

we, hereby convene and form

the poshlost high society.